the Fantastic Four Remake or Reboot

What is up with the Fantastic Four remake or reboot or whatever,  Adjectives like low tech and realistic are being used to describe it.  Low-tech?  Are you kidding, the Fantastic Four has always been high tech.

The casting of Michael B Jordan as the Human Torch is controversial. I am not sure I would have done it but he’s a good actor.

I like Miles Teller but he seems a bit boyish to be Reed Richards.  Maybe that is what the producers/writers/director want though.   He is often good.

It seems a bit odd that there is not more promotion of the movie yet. There is a trailer for Star Wars the Force Awakens and that doesn’t open for a year.  There is a trailer for Avengers and that movie does not open for six months and the trailer came out over a month ago. There has not been a Fantastic Four trailer yet.

Batman v Superman has released photos from the set. That doesn’t come out for another 13 months or so.  There has not been much released from the Fantastic Four reboot.  Is Fox hidding the movie?





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