Even more thoughts on the Vampire Diaries

I watched a lot of the Vampire Diaries on Netflix. Basically, I have watched all that is on Netflix,  I guess I am a fan. I still haven’t seen the spin-off, the Originals, yet.

I like it. It moves quickly and there are some fun twists and turns. Maybe it is a bit corny but it is fun and corny. Some of the characters become more likeable or more interesting as the series progressed.

Nina Dobrev got better at playing two characters after season one. (To be fair, she didn’t play two characters a lot in season 1.) She played Elena and Katherine Pierce, the vampire who turned Damon and Stefan into vampires. Katherine was a great villain for this series.

I think Paul Wesley got to have a bit of fun playing evil Stefan. He is still good as heroic Stefan but he seemed to enjoy his time as evil Stefan in season 3,  Ian Somerhalder has had with this show since the beginning and never stopped.

The show has some flaws but not ones that kill it. Perhaps Klaus was kept too long as the big bad (he was the major threat for about a season and a half or maybe longer). However he and his family have their own spin-off, the Originals.  The plot moves too quickly at times and maybe some supporting characters could have had better storylines.

Rumors are that the show might end after season 6. Six seasons (and a spin-off that seems to be headed for maybe 4 or 5 seasons) is not bad for this day and age. Maybe it is better to leave early than stay too long.

Stephen Amell of Arrow was on the show as a werewolf for a couple of episodes.  That was kind of odd to see him in a different role. I never saw him in another role.

I’ve heard the novels are not even “oddly compelling”.  So I haven’t read any.


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