This finally came to my non-select movie city. It is good. It is in the 90s at Rottrn Tomatoes.

Michael Keaton stars as Riggan Thomson, an actor best known for playing Birdman, a superhero, in a series of films in the 1990s.  He is producing/directing/and staring in a play based on the writings of Raymond Carver.  Yes, it is probably a bit of an injoke to hire Keaton for this part because of his past tenure as Batman. He’s really good, though.

Keaton hears the voice of Birdman through out the film. The voice of Birdman sounds, to me anyway, like a parody of Christan Bale’s Batman voice. Keaton also seems to have telekinetic abilities, or at least he believes he does.

Edward Norton co-stars as Mike Shiner, an acclaimed theater actor.  Mike is difficult to work with and he might be a bit of a method acctor (he is drinking Gin on stage because his character is supposed to be drinking).  Norton has been called difficult to work with and demanding over the years. Norton is good too.

Ema Stone and Zack Galfaniks are good in supporting roles. It look like Galfaniks lost weight or something else about his appearance is different.

This film is often funny. The verbal attack on the film critic was pretty harsh but the critic had vowed to destroy the play before she saw it.

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