Hunger Games Mockingjay part 1

This  is  pretty good. Maybe the last book didn’t have to be broken into 2 movies. However the movie is good. Maybe the book could have played well as one movie but  this movie didn’t seem padded to me.   I didn’t come out and think “Wow, they could have cut twenty minutes out and made the film better”.

In this movie Katnis Everdeen is being used by rebels to fight the capital.  She doesn’t fit naturally into the role until they let her speak in her own words.  The capital is using her friend and fellow tribute Peeta as a weapon.

There is a love triangle. If you hate love triangles, well this one is not too played up. It is not as important to the movie as the love triangle in the Twilight movies. Liam Helmsworth needs a better role, he is a bit bland as Gale but that might be the role.

It was nice to see Philip Seymour Hoffman again. It was also nice to see Jeffrey Wright again but I wasn’t sure why his character was in a wheel chair. (I see a lot of movies in a year, I might have forgotten some plot points from the second film in the series.) I missed John Legend’s character.

As always, Jennifer Lawrence carries the movie on her shoulders. Some critics said she seemed bored in X-Men Days of Future Past but I didn’t think she was bored in that movie or in this movie.

Woody Harrison and Elizabeth Banks are on hand to provide some comedic moments. They do but not too much. That is good because I have not updated my “too much comic relief” rant lately and I don’t feel like doing it now.

I want to see the last film in the series.


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