This has been fairly good. The pilot might have been a bit weak.  It still seems odd that John cannot smoke. He can fight demons but he cannot smoke. He was seen throwing away a cigarette, so that’s something.

Matt Ryan is good as John Constantine, the adventurer/magician/conman. If he weren’t the show would not work.  He is better than Keanu Reeves was but to be fair, it has been a long since I saw the film.

John has two sidekicks and they travel around America battling dark forces.  This is a case of the week type show. Some people don’t like that but I am okay with it. There are hints of a larger threat coming though.

There has been one recurring foe, so far, Pappa Midnight. It was fun to see him return and it would be good to see him again in season 2, if there is a second season.

The recasting of the female lead hurt the show a little at first. However I think the new actress and new character worked out. It is awkward to recast after the pilot.

Some critics have said the show would be better on pay cable (HBO or Showtime). Well, my life would be better if I were 9 years younger and could draw like John Romita jr or Walter Simonson.


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