Comic Book Movie Thoughts (November 2014)

Gullerimo Del Torro has finished his Justice League Dark script. He has turned it into the studio. If the film gets made or not is uncertain. This film would star the supernatural heroes like John Constantine and Zantana.  I think Del Torro wants to direct the movie but finding time in his schedule might an issue.

Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director Jame Gunn says he has no plans to put Richard Rider/Nova in the Gurdians of the Galaxy sequel.  I would like to see Nova on the big screen. Gunn said that he felt it was important that Star-Lord be the only human (or half-human)in the movie.

More gossip/news about the Fantastic Four reboot is hitting the internet. It is not getting good responses.  Someone who worked on the film described it as low tech and realistic, probably the last two adjectives that apply to the Fantastic Four. Maybe the film will be good, even if it is not quite what I want it to be.




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