Movie Thoughts 11-20-2014

Foxcatcher is not opening in my non select movie city this weekend either.  I still want to see it,  I have seen a few reviews that suggest the movie is trying to make a larger point and failing.  Maybe there is not a larger point to make.

Dracula Untold at least semi-bombed. Does mean bad things for the other Universal Monster movies? I am not sure and maybe no one else is either. I am not sure about moving the movies out of the horor genre.

The trailer for Fast 7 is out. I wonder how good the movie will be and I wonder if I will go. I actually liked the sixth movie in the franchise, and I think I liked it in an non-ironic way.

The Hunger Games Mockingjay reviews are not as good as I expected. It is only at 72% on Rotten Tomatoes (as I type this).  I thought it would be in the high 80s.   I thought the series was pretty well recieved by critics. I still plan to see it.




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