TV Thoughts 11-16-2014

Gotham seems to get better in one episode and then it gets worse in another episode. It is uneven. I am not ready to stop watching the show. I am not sure if the makers of the show really know what they want the show to be if they do know that, they don’t know how to achieve it.

Mulaney is bad. Even with it being a little better, it is still bad. Having both a wacky boss and a wacky neighbor in the show has not been as bad as I feared.  Oh well, it will be gone soon. John Mulaney is a talented stand-up, why is his show so bad?

Forever remains diverting. It is not great but it is a fun hour every week. Maybe it won’t ever be more than diverting, maybe the case of the week format works aganist the show. Maybe it needs to get back to the subplot of the other immortal.

I have a friend who loves Bob’s Burgers. I don’t get that.  I find the show more odd than funny. I think I am over all the Fox animated comedies. I did watch the Simpsons episode guest staring the cast of Futurama.

I really thought Brooklyn Nine-Nine would be a lot better in its second year. It is not. at least not yet. It is still good but it did not get better, at least I don’t think so. Maybe it was as good as it could be last year, althought that would be odd.




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