Sports Talk Radio Thoughts November 2014

CBS Sports Radio is not going to resign John Feinstein when his contract expires. John said so himself. I like his show but it is a crowded market for sports talk.  Dana Jacobson is leaving or has left the morning show she co-hosted.  Changes are coming to CBS sports radio.

Mike and Mike, the radio show, is not in trouble. However the network fears the show is starting to fade. I like the show but maybe after 14 years, there is a natural decline that will happen.  I think there is talk of adding a third host and I am not sure if that would work.

Rich Esien’s show joined Fox Sports Radio. I am not a fan, so far. It is not terrible but it is really similar in some ways to Dan Patrick’s show. I guess that is not a surprise. Oh well at least Eisen’s not in Adam Sandler movies and doesn’t seem to think he is as funny as Partrick thinks he is. (To be fair when Patrick or Eisen have good guests, the shows can be pretty good.)


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