Big Hero 6

This was really good.  It is loosely inspired by an obscure Marvel comics team.(This team first appeared in Alpha Flight.) You can enjoy the movie even if you have never heard of the team before now.

The movie is set in San Fransokyo and it starts with two brothers living with their aunt. They are very smart. The older brother, Tadashi, is in a special college and the younger brother, Hiro,  is involved in ilegal robot fights.

Tadashi takes Hiro to the college and Hiro is inspired to go there. develops an amazing tool called a microbot and  a bunch of them working together can do amazing things. He enters them in a competion to get into the school but a fire kills Tadashi.

Hiro is depressed. This is when Baymax, Tadashi’s medical robot, re-enters the movie. (Baymax was introduced early in the movie.) Baymax makes his mission to heal Hiro.  Tadashi’s friends later become a team using their inventions and cleverness.

It is a fun movie. The story focuses mostly on Hiro and Baymax. The other members of the team are there mostly to support Hiro.  If there are sequels (hopfully there will be sequels), maybe they will get more chances to shine.

You want to get to the movie  on time to see the short before the movie. It is good.

(Yes, there are Marvel superhero teams that are more obscure than Alpha Flight.)


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