No, this is not a X-men spin-off. (There will be plenty of those later.)  This is a movie about a man who becomes a freelance news videographer in Los Angeles.

Jake Gyllenhaal star as Lewis Bloom, a man who stumbles into a new career after encountering a freelance videogrpaher.  He is not a likeable character and even at the begining of the film he comes across as slightly creepy or “off”. Later, he moves on to just creepy.

It is not a very plot heavy movie.  The movie follows Lewis on his nightly rounds of Los Angeles getting footage.  He starts to do things that are at the very least questionable to get the footage and moves on from there. (To say much more might be saying too much.)

I am not sure this is an attack on TV news industry. There is at least one person at the station who is uncomfortable with Lewis and the footage he gets. This might have been the least beautiful I’ve seen LA look in a film.

Jake Gyllenhaal is really good and Rene Russo is good too. I have seen a critic or two say that this Gtllenhaal’s break through role. I thought he had already broken through.

This movie is creepier than Gone Girl.


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