John Wick

Keanu Reeves stars as John Wick, a former hitman. After his wife died, Russian thugs steal his classic car and kill his dog. The dog was a gift from his wife. (It was the last gift from his wife.)

John goes a on revenge spree. The action is well staged. The villains are plentiful, if not very dangerous to John. Also didn’t one of the Russian thugs think it was odd that John spoke Russian when they first met?

Reeves is good. The supporting cast is good. Ian McShane is on hand to add class. Willem Defoe also has a supporting role.

There are some goofy aspects to the film. There is a hotel for hitmen. The hotel has some special rules and services. At one point John tells a security guard, or doorman, to go home and the guard does. We never see that character again.


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