Gone Girl

This was good. it might have been better if I knew less about the film before I saw it. I saw the wrong review but I had the option to stop watching.

This is based on the best selling novel by Gillian Flynn. She wrote the novel and co-wrote the screenply. I don’t know if the movie is significantly different than the novel.

Ben Affleck is really good. Tyler Perry is  really good as the high priced defense lawyer. Rosmund Pike is good as the wife.  It might be the best performance I’ve ever seen from her.

Affleck and Pike play a married couple. One day he comes home and his wife is missing.  A glass table has been shattered.  He calls the police and at least one of the two cops is suspicious of him immedately.  (To tell too much more would be a bad idea.)

David Fincher directed this movie.  He seems to like flashbacks.  I think these flashbacks worked better than the flashbacks in the Social Network (which is still a very good movie).

This movie has probably more false endings than Return of the King. Okay, maybe not but I counted at least three false endings.


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