TV thoughts 10-4-2014

The new sitcoms are a mixed bag so far. Maybe it is like this every year. There are some interesting shows but also some that aren’t interesting. So far there does seem to be any total disasters.

I think Blackish has potential. I think the time slot after Modern Family is a good one for the show. Lawrence Fisburn is fun as the grandfather.

From A to Z could be fun. The narrator could become a bit distracting and the supporting characters are a concern. The leads are good.

Selfie has two good stars, hopefully the show will get better. It is nice to see John Cho as a leading man. Maybe I like John a lot and I am not seeing the show’s faults.

Bad Judge looks bad. Maybe it will get better somehow. It looks like it cannot get worse.

Mulaney is getting bad reviews. Does the show really need a goofy boss and a wacky neighbor? John mulaney is a good stand up. The first episode comes out Sunday.

i haven’t seen Manhatten Love Story yet. I haven’t heard good things.


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