Astro City: Victory

This is the 10th collection of Astro City.  As always, it is good. Kurt Busiek is the sole writer of the franchise, he owns it. Brent Anderson is the artist and Alex Ross helped to design some of the characters and did the covers.

In this collection, Winged Victory, who is Astro City’s answer to Wonder Woman, is facing a crisis. One of her enemies is trying to discredit her and destroy her good works.  Also the crisis reveals that there is a basic level of suspicion towards her.

Samatrian and the Confessor co-star. It is good to see the Confessor again. However it is really Winged Victory’s story and it adds details to her powers that I didn’t know. Also I did not know that she still never officially joined the Honor Guard.

There are some extra features. If you have never read Astro City before, this might not be the best one to start.


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