Deadpool movie and other movie thoughts

A Deadpool movie is coming in 2016. Ryan Reynolds is expected to star, Maybe it will be good and maybe it will be good for Reynold’s career.  He has had a few movies bomb i the last two years or so.

The question is will the Deadpool movie be R rated? PG 13 might not allow for enough violence. The concerns is that a R rated movie might limit ticket sales.

2015 has only 3 scheduled Superhero movies. After that there will be least 4 superhero movies a year.  Superhero movie fatigue has not set in yet but it couuld. There is still talk of a Gambit solo movie and a 3rd Wolverine movie.

Jeremy Renner might still get another chance to play Aaron Cross in a Bourne sequel. Apparently Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are in early talks to return to the franchise. It is possible that they won’t return. Or maybe Renner could have a part in a movie with Damon.




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