Matt Damon is going to play Jason Bourne again

Theere are reports that Matt Damon will be Jason Bourne again. That surprises me a little.  I thought he felt that there was nothing left to do with the character. He was not bored wih the character.

Paul Greengrass will direct. This new film will be the fourth film he has made with Damon.  I thought he wanrted to take a break from working with Damon after three straight films together. I guess that film with Tom Hanks, Captain Philips, was a good break

I guess Jeremy Renner will get not another chance to headline a Bourne movie. I was hopping that a second movie with him as Aaron Cross could be pretty good.

Damon back as Bourne could be good.  The triology was pretty good.

I will probably have more thoughts about this later.





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