Captain America the Winter Soldier re-watched

This holds up pretty well on repeat viewing. This is as good as any film in the Marvel cinematic universe.  I guess switching directors worked.

Chris Evans is irreplaceable as Steve Rogers/Captain America. Anthony Mackie is a good addition to the cast as Sam Wilson/the Falcon. Scarlet Johanss0n deserves her own film as Natasha Romanoff the Black Widow.

The plot is easy to follow. It was also interesting how easily Mackie’s Falcon is brought into the movie. (His wings/flight suit is impressive.) It also makes a major change to the status quo of the Marvel Cinematic universe.

The villains are good. It might be nice see a few of them come back in later films. Sebastan Stan is good as the Winter Soldier but he is off the screen a lot and for a long time, he is just sort of a thug, even if he is an interesting/capable one.



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