Babylon 5 In the Beginning

This is a TV movie  of the tv series Babylon 5. It is pretty good. It serves as a good introduction to the series.  There are a few small disappointments but nothing major.

Centauri Emperor Londo Mollari is telling the story of the Earth Minbari war to two children. The story is told in flashback and at times Londo interrupts the story. Londo had a small but surprisingly important role in the war.

After a tragic misunderstanding, Earth enters into war with the powerful Minbrari race. Earthforce is outmatched and it looks like the human race is doomed. There is a one last battle, the Battle of the Line, and then the Minbari surprisingly surrender. After the war ends, the Babylon project is created and it takes a while but finally there is Babylon 5, a UN in space.

Actually, the only disappointment is that G’Kar and Londo never meet. I guess that would not have worked into the storyline.  I had been thinking about the show a little and it was nice to revisit this TV movie. It is probably best not to watch this movie before watching Season 1.


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