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The November Man

Pierce Brosnan is back, this time as a CIA agent pulled in for one last job.   Kevin Costner was pulled in for one last job in Three Days to Kill. So it is nice to see that cliche again.  (Or at least the cliche is not wearing out its welcome.)

Brosnan plays Peter Deveruax, I like that name, and his return to action puts him into conflict with his former protege, David (Luke Bracey).  The younger agent wants to prove that he is a match for his former mentor.

Okay, this is not a great movie but it is fun to see Brosnan back in action.  He still could still be a convincing James Bond, I think.  He’d be an older James Bond but that could work.

This movie is at 31% on Rotten Tomatoes.  The AVClub gave the movie a C+, which seems fair.

If there is a sequel, I’d interested in seeing it.


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