Amazing Spider-man 2 re-watched

This is not a terrible movie. It is a bit long and maybe the parts that are good almost make me downplay the bad parts.  The movie is not better than it was in theaters.

After the first movie, Peter and Gwen are still dating. Peter is still trying to find out what happened to his parents.  Harry Osborn comes back from Europe just in time to learn about a heredity curse and to see his father die.

Maybe there is just a bit too much going on in this movie. Maybe the mystery of Peter’s parents, the intrigue at Obscorp/Harry’s return from Europe, Electro’s story, and Peter/Gwen’s relationship is too much for one movie. Maybe one element could have been removed.

Andrew Garfield is good as Peter Parker/Spider-man. Ema Stone and Sally Field are really good as Gwen Stacy and Aunt May.  Jamie Foxx could have been better as Electro but maybe the script is at fault.


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