Guardians of the Galaxy

This is really good.

Chris Pratt stars as Star-Lord (Peter Jason Quil), an earthman acting as a thief in outerspace. He is looking for a mysterious orb,  However other people are looking for that orb and start looking for him.

Ronan of the Kree is out for vengence on the planet Xander.  Apparently the Kree and Xanderians have been at war and now have signed a peace treaty. Ronan (Lee Pace)  is not having it.  He is allied with Thanos. Thanos has his daughters, Nebula and Gamora, working for Ronan. Gamora (Zoe Saldana) is sent to get the orb.

Rocket (voice of Bradley Cooper), a raccon like alien, and Groot(voice of Vin Diesel), a tree monster, are on Quill’s trail. Gamora is trying to steal the orb and they all fight. The four of them are arrested and that’s where they met Drax (Dave Batista). They stage a jail break and the plot moves forward from there.

The movie is a lot of fun. The characters are interesting and the action sequences are good. It might be the most fun movie of the summer. the 1970s soundtrack is good too.


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