Robocop Versus The Terminator

I am not sure why this was reprinted now.  The timing seems a little odd bcause the mini series came out in 1992.  The missed the 20th anniversary by 2 years. However it is really good.

Frank Miller wrote this and Walter Simonson drew it.  It connects the Robocop and Terminator franchises and it features a woman coming back to kill/destroy Robocop. Apparently Robocop’s creation leads to Skynet. Terminators come back in time to save Robocop.

It is good, Simonson’s art looks good as always. The script makes the connections between the two franchices seem natural. That makes sense, Frank Miller co-wrote Robocop 3 and wrote a script forRobocop 2. This would make a good animated movie.

Steven Grant’s introduction is good.


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