Movie thoughts 7-21-2014

Hercules opens Friday. I wonder how many people will go. Will this be the movie that becomes a franchise for Dwayne Johnson?

Sex Tape bombed. It looked bad and critics enjoyed or seemed to enjoy ripping the plot holes. If the movie was better, the critics would be kinder about the plot holes.

Fewer people went to the Purge sequel than went to the original. Maybe good word of mouth will get more people to the theaters next weekend. The sequel got decent reviews.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens next week. I hope it is good. The trailers look good but it might be hard to make a bad trailer.

Marvel studios executive Kevin Fierge finally talked about Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man. He did not anything too interesting but I guess he had to something. I hope the movie will be good and I hope when people see it that the troubles during production are downplayed.


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