Movie thoughts 7-18-2014

Sex Tape is getting bad reviews. Jason Segel cowrote it, so if the reviews are right, he is more at fault than Cameron Diaz. One review suggests that Segel is not good. Wow, he cannot write decent material for himself. (Okay, that might be a bit mean spirited.)

There is new trailer for Big Hero Six. I think that movie is going to be a lot of fun. It looks like it might be really good.  I might go even if my brother’s kids don’t want to see it. I think that they will want to see it.

The Purge Anarchy opens this week.  The first Purge was a big hit on a low budget but some critics said it was just another home invasion thriller. The sequel looks a bit different and it got some decent reviews. I wonder if it will be a hit. I am not sure I buy the centeral concept.

Hercules opens in a week. Guardians of the Galaxy in two weeks.  I will probably see both. I am not sure if I want to see Lucy.


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