Mixology was an ABC sitcom and it might have been a train wreck. It was created by two of the writers of the Hangover. At times it was pretty bad.  It is on Netflix and I’ve  sampled a few episodes.

The concept was the 13 episode season took place in a bar during one night and ten characters would met and pair off. On the face of it, that is not the worst concept. Although maybe the concept would work better with a smaller cast.  However the execution of the concept could have been better.

Besides the concept, another concern was the characters and their dialouge. Some of the characters came across as awful people at first. One character, Bruce, I think was meant to be a Barney Stinston type but the actor lacks Neil Patrick Harris’ charm. Also some of Bruce’s dialouge is ugly and mean spirited. The word bitch is used repeatedly in a early episode.  I am not sure if it is supposed to be edegy but it is not funny.

However it is not always terrible and some of the characters get more likable as the series progresses.  Also it is fun to see more of the characters interact. There are a few moments that made me laugh and a few more that made me smile. I think this show could have been better.  I think the tone was a bit too harsh at first and some people probably checked out after episode 3 or 4.


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