TV thoughts 7-10-2014

Brandon Routh will be on Arrow this season. He will be playing Ray Palmer aka the Atom. That could be fun. I wonder if this is connected to the Ted Kord rumors.

Robie Amell will play Ronnie Raymond aka Firestorm in the Flash.  Well, that is interesting.  I think this will be Ronnie’s first live action appearance.

There are reports that Rosie O’Donnel is coming back to the view. I thought that breakup was pretty nasty, so it is surprising that she would want to come back.

I have seen no rumors about season six of Modern Family as yet. I am not sure why that is. Is there just naturally less interest in sitcom plots?

I don’t watch the Walking Dead.  I never got interested. I heard that there were plans of a spin-off but maybe nothing came of it.


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