NFL thoughts 6-20-2014

The Washington Redskins are being pressured to change their name. Some Indian tribes have complained about the name and think it is a racial slur. Some tribes seem to be okay with it or even happy about it. Daniel Snyder, the team owner, seems committed to not changing the name. I think the team should change the name but I doubt they will.

There seem to be fewer NFL preview magazines or they are comming out later this year. Pro Football weekly went out of business and Street and Smith’s magazines were bought out by the Sporting News.

There have been some good articles on Chuck Noll, the former Steeler’s coach who died recently.  They won four Superbowls during his tenure. I would not say that he was forgotten but maybe he was a bit overlooked. Maybe it is because he vanished in retirement.  He did not take a TV job and maybe that lack of visibility made him a bit overlooked.




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