Movie Franchise thoughts

Why are the Spider-man movies making less money domestically with each film? Also the recent Amazing Spider-man 2 has made  domestically about half of what the 2002 Spider-man movie made.  The 2002 movie was not in 3D and also ticket prices were cheaper then.  So, what is going on? Why does Spider-man get less popular in America with each movie?

And if Spider-man’s movies are sliding in popualarity domestically, what does that mean for the planned Venom or Sinister Six spin-offs?

Is the Marvel movie franchise in trouble? People have predicted that the Guardians of the Galaxy might be the first flop in the franchise. I don’t think it will be a flop but I guess it could be a flop. The characters are not well known. Also the making of the Ant-Man movie was been troubled with director Edgar Wright leaving right before filiming was due to start.

Will Hercules become a franchise for Dwayne Johnson? Or will he continue to join existing franchises?

Does it hurt Tom Cruise that he has only one franchise?



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