Movie thoughts 6-8-2014

22 Jump Street opens this weekend. I am not interested and I am not sure why not.  Maybe it is because I never saw the first one. I am not aganist the idea of a buddy cop movie.  Maybe I will check it out.

Finally how to Train Your Dragon 2 comes out this weekend. The commericals/trailers have looked good and now the reviews should start coming out in the next three or four days. I hope it is good.

There is now a director(Peyton Reed) for the Ant-man movie.  The movie will be rewritten, again. There has been no mention that the movie’s release date has been moved back. Reed has directed Down with Love, Bring it On, and the Break Up.  Adam Mckay, known for the Anchor Man films, will help re-write the script.

Star Wars episode VII information continues to leak out.  Nothing too interesting has leaked yet. I didn’t hate the prequels triology and I don’t really think that they used too much CGI.  Maybe the movies had bigger problems than too much CGI.

I see by looking at the movie release calander that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes opens next month. There has not been a lot of promotion for it.  It seems odd. I go to a lot of movies and it seems like I haven’t seen a trailer for it in a long time. Maybe in the next week or so, promotions will increase.



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