Movie trailer thoughts June 2014

Trailers that played before The Fault in Our Stars

  • Transformers 4
  • Step Up All In
  • Ouija
  • the Game Stands Tall
  • Think Like a Man 2
  • the Maze Runner
  • Day of the Dead (a cartoon)

Isn’t that a weird bunch of movies to be previewed together?  What links them together or to the movie the Fault in Our Stars? I will probably take my nephew and nieces to Day of the Dead but that was a weird set of trailers.

That was a lot of trailers too.  I thought the standard number was 5. Towards the end of the last trailer, I really wanted the movie to start. It seemed like nearly twenty-two minutes of previews.

As much as I liked Godzilla, in hindsight the trailers were fairly misleading.  The finished movie is not what the trailers promised and Bryan Cranston dropped out of the movie at the middle or so.  Oh well, the trailer did not give too much away.


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