Movie thoughts June 6-6-2014

The Fault in Our Stars was pretty good.  If the book is better, like some critics suggest, then the book might be really good.  The Augusts character is almost too perfect but if that is the worst thing about the movie, that is not too bad. (I am not completely sure if it is the worst thing about the movie.) Nat Wolff and Shailiene Woodley are very good, and Wolff had a smaller part.

Should Marvel abandon the Ant-Man movie?  It seems they are having a hard time getting a director to replace Edgar Wright. I wonder how much money the studio would lose if the movie were scrapped. It might be embarassing to scrap the movie.

A director has been picked for Dr. Strange. Now, it is time for casting.  I have no idea who to cast. I have a few ideas who not to cast. I think a lessor known actor could be a good thing. We’ll see what the rumors are. I think Johnny Depp is starting to accumulate baggage (bad box office baggage) and maybe he wouldn’t be a good choice.


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