Movie Thoughts 6-1-2014

The Fault in Our Stars opens this weekend. Early reviews are good. The previews have looked good.  I will probably see it.  I still haven’t read the book it is based on but I’ve heard the book is good.

Edge of Tomorrow opens this weekend too. It looks pretty good.  I haven’t seen any early reviews yet. I am thinking of going. I guess if it doesn’t open well there will be another round of writers saying that Tom Cruise’s starpower isn’t what it used to be.

The latest Transformers movie opens this month. I have seen previews but have no interest. It surprises me that this franchise is as popular as it is.

A Million Ways to Die in the West didn’t open well. It did look like a third rate Blazing Saddles but I am surprised it didn’t open better. I thought more of the fans of McFarlane’s TV shows would go. Some reviews have said that Charlize Theron was surprisingly funny and maybe she should get more comedies.

There is something weird going on at Marvel and it seems to involve the new Fantastic Four movie.  Marvel will reportedly cancel Fantastic Four and move the characters out of the spotlight to hurt Fox or at least to spite Fox. I am not sure how that helps Marvel or how it will hurt Fox.


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