The original Fright Night re-watched

If I made a list of the best horror movies of the 1980s, Fright Night would be on that list. It is a classic film and it holds up well almost thirty years later.

This is a movie about a teenage boy whose next door nieghbor is a vampire. No one, not even the host of the horror tv show Fright Night, believes him until it is too late. Then there is finale battle.

William Ragsdale stars as Charlie, the teenager. Chris Saradon stars as Jerry Danderige, the vampire. Roddy McDowell stars as Peter Vincent, the horror tv show host. They are very good.  Amanda Bearse is good too as Amy, Charlie’s girlfriend who resembles a woman from Jerry’s past.

I liked Stephen Godfreys as evil Ed. Some people might think that Ed was over the top and maybe he was a little. However he was not on screen long enough to wear out his welcome.

There are some nice touches of humor. “Why Charlie, did you think I wouldn’t come over without being invited first?” There are others but that is my favorite because on the surface Jerry is being polite but he’s being threatening.

The special effects were good for the time.


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