More thoughts on the cancelation of Community

Gillan Jacobs has her first post Community job. She will be on HBO’s Girls(a show I don’t watch). Maybe it will be good or at least maybe she will be good in the show.  I hope so.

I wish Community was comming back for a sixth season.  I like the show and I think season 5 was an improvement over season 4 (and I liked a lot of season 4). I was currious what the writers would do.

However the loss of Donald Glover hurt the show. Glover did not seem willing to come back. (I wonder if he would have left early if he knew the fifth season would be the last season.) John Oliver is concentrating on his new HBO show, maybe he couldn’t or wouldn’t come back either. Jonathan Banks is going to that Breaking Bad prequel, so even if the show comes back somehow that is a lot of people to replace.

I wish the cast and crew good luck in their future jobs.

I might need to think about this some more.


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