Big Hero 6 Coming to the Big Screen

J. Young-Ju Harris

So apparently when Disney bought out Marvel that didn’t just mean that they would have the ability to make live action movies based on stories from the comic book company. As it turns out, Pixar will be doing an adaption of Big Hero 6. A somewhat obscure comic in the realms of the Marvel universe, the original story is about a team of heroes assembled by the Japanese government to serve its interests and protect its people.

The Pixar adaptation seems a long way from this original story line. From the trailer it appears to be more of a YA type story, but I suppose that makes sense, given Pixar’s target audience. The teaser only shows the protagonist, Hiro Hamada, starting to build a robot. I’m guessing the other members of the team will be shown later on, but the current trailer is really lighthearted and entertaining. To see…

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