Hobbit Deslolation of Smaug re-watched

The second movie in the Hobbit trilogy is long. It doesn’t feel as long as the first movie and it is  eight minutes shorter. The second movie starts uicker than the first movie. Both movies are noticably long.  I almost stopped the movie on DVD to order a pizza.

This is a good movie. There are good action sequences and it was nice to see Leogas again. I understand adding a female elf but it seems to run counter to adapting Tolkien.  Also the idea of a love triangle is anti-Tolkien.

The dragon Smuag is impressive. He is the most impressive dragon I have seen. The battle with the dragon in the final movie should be amazing.

I thought Richard Armitage did a better job as the Dwarf King in this movie.

The movie holds up on re-watching.


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