Movie thoughts 5-20-2014

There are rumours of a Namor the Submariner movie. These are early rumors. No casting rumors have appeared yet.  This would be Universal’s  move into the superhero movie game.

There is no Pacific Rim sequel in the works as yet. Pacific Rim was good but for some reason didn’t it really do very well in America (relative to its cost). It did well outside of America.

The latest news about a fifth Bourne movie is that the script is being re-written. Matt Damon is reportedly willing to come back as Jason Bourne. At one point he only seemed interested if director Paul Greengrass came back.  Jeremy Renner is set to return as Aaron Cross.

Now there are rumors that the Fantastic Four and X-men movies will not exist in the same movie universe, at least not soon. As long as the movies are good, I am okay with them being in different universes. In fact, maybe it would be just as well if they are seperate.

Speaking of the Fantastic Four reboot, I am looking forward to it.  It could be good. They’ve signed someone to play the Mole Man.

X-men Days of Future Past opens this weekend.




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