Book Thoughts May 2014 updated

The latest Spenser novel is pretty good. It is not great but it captures Robert B. Parker’s style pretty well. In this one Spenser is investigating threats aganist a pro football player. Later the player’s son is kidnapped. This series remains consistently good, I think the last disappointing one was over twenty years ago.

John Sandford’s latest, Field of Prey, is good. Lucas Davenport is back investigating murders in Minnesota.  This time he travels to some smaller towns and stays pretty much out of the twin cities. This is the 24th or 25th book in the series and I cannot immediately think of one I did not enjoy. I think I’ve read or listened to 14 books in the series.

Sandford will another Virgil Flowers novel in October or November. That is also a good series. Flowers is a more laid back character than Davenport. I may have said before but it is true and also one of the major differences between the characters. I think Virgil might be younger too.

I am currently listening to the Keeper by John Lesocrart. It is another in the long running Dismas Hardy series. This time Hardy is defending a man accused of murder and there is trouble brewing in the county jail. So far, it is enjoyable.

I am listening to the Divide by Matt Tabbi again.  It is good, even if it is his least funny book.(I guess he was too angry to make jokes.) It reminded a bit of the Cheating Culture by David Callahan. Maybe it is time to read that book again.


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