Community has been cancelled

Community has been cancelled. I suspected this would happen.  It seemed to go a long time without a renewal announcement.  Knowing or even being pretty sure it might happen doesn’t make it less disappointing.

It was a pretty good show. Maybe Season 4 was not as good as the first three seasons. Season 4 is not as bad as it’s reputation. I liked Season 5. I wish season 5 had been longer.

However the show never really seemed to grow beyond the core audience. It was a loyal audience. I am not sure if the show was too odd. Maybe it had one too many gimmick episodes for the casual fan. Or maybe there was too much meta humor.

A  list of Ten really good episodes of Community

  • Pilot
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Introduction to Finality
  • Geothermal Escapism
  • Debate 109
  • Herstory of Dance
  • Modern Warfare
  • Cooperative Calligraphy
  • Football, Feminism and you
  • Repilot

If the show somehow comes back that would be nice.


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