Son of Batman

This DC animated original movie is a bit disappointing. Maybe it is just a one time weak entry in the series. Or maybe Deathstroke is a bit overexposed at the moment. Or maybe Deathstroke is less interesting than Ra’s Al Ghul.

This story is inspired by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert’s Batman and Son. (There are some changes, Tim Drake is not in the movie.) Batman meets his son Damian. Damian’s mother Talia Al Ghul kept Damian a secret. Damian wants revenge for his grandfather’s death. Batman wants to convince Damian not to be a killer.

The movie needed more Nightwing. I think more Nightwing would have added to the movie but the creative team wanted to focus on Bruce and Damian’s relationship. Maybe there will be more Nightwing in future Batman original animated movies.

The voice cast is decent, not great. Kevin Conroy remains the best Batman voice actor.

I don’t regret buying this.

Maybe Batman assault on Arkham will be better. Kevin Conroy will return as Batman.


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