Top Ten Episodes of Modern Family

  • the Incident (season one)
  • Coal Digger (season one)
  • My Hero (season four)
  • Up All Night (season one)
  • Arrested (season four)
  • Good Night Gracie (season four)
  • Caught in the Act (season two)
  • Someone to Watch Over Lily (season two)
  • Virgin Terrority (season three)
  • Truth Be Told (season one)

I might have the order wrong but I think that is the list.

I am not sure if there is a theme to this list or not.  I cannot think of anything that connects these episodes, off the top of my head. I do notice there is only one season three episode on this list. Apparently I might like season four more than season three.

A friend called Modern Family my new obsession.


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