Movie thoughts 5-08-2014

There is talk of a new Flinstones movie. It will be animated. Will Ferrell is involved. It cannot be worse than the live action movies.  (Wait, anything is possible.) Maybe nothing will come of it, this is not the first attempt of Flintstones remake or reboot in the last six years.

Matt Smith has joined the new Terminator movie.  That could be interesting. Or maybe not, I didn’t care for the last two Terminator movies.

I am not sure if I want to see Neighbors. I think I am tired of Seth Rogan.  Reviews have been good so far.

Million Dollar Arm opens next weekend. Jon Hamm stars. Maybe the movie will be good, the previews looked good. I think this will be Hamm’s first lead movie role.

It feels like time for new movie previews.

The Stand is still being made into a movie. That book was so long that a mini-series would work better. It was a mini-series in 1994.








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