Movie thoughts 5-7-2014

The producers of Spider-man movies have said that they have no interest in making a movie about Miles Morales, the black Spider-man from the Ultimate universe. (I assume that they have no interest in Spider-man 2099.)I guess I understand that, how many people know Mies? Also to make a movie about Miles, don’t you have to show Peter dying? I don’t think I want to see that.

Godzilla opens next weekend.

For a movie that doesn’t come out for almost 18 months, there is a lot of speculation about Star Wars episode VII. I  am interested in it and I will follow any news like anyone else but maybe it is a bit early to start speculation.

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron’s movie Neighbors opens this weekend. I don’t have high hopes for it but maybe if i see some good reviews, I’ll go.  If the movie is not a success, does that hurt Rogen or Efron more? Preivews haven’t been great.


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