TV thoughts 5-1-2014

Almost Human is not coming back to Fox. I am disappointed. I was hopping for a second season. I was hoping it would get better during the second season.  I guess there is a slight chance the show could come back on another network.

Craig Ferguson is leaving the Late Late Show. I like his Standup specials but I never saw his talk show. I wonder who will replace him.  I wonder if CBS will go younger to compete with NBC.

Arrow remains good. The season ends in 2 weeks and it looks like season 3 will be pretty different, without one major supporting character. I think the Slade Wilson storyline needs to end with this season. I think another season or part of a season with Slade as the main villain would be a bad idea.

Modern Family is pretty good this season, even if the first season was better overall. Maybe the last two episodes were weak  but I don’t either one was awful. I think there have been some very good episodes this season.  Just as they don’t bring back Rob Riggle anytime soon, things should be good.

Community is still not officially coming back yet.


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