Comic Book Thoughts late April 2014

The Avenger, the old pulp hero, is set to make a comeback.  He will be teaming with the Shadow and Doc Savage in a mini-series called Justice Inc.  The three of them had never teamed up before this.  That could be fun. Michael Uslan will write it. He is the producer of the Batman films and he wrote the Green Hornet/Shadow team up last year.

Flash Gordan has a new series. Jeff Parker is writing it. It is a follow up from King’s Watch which featured Flash, the Phantom, and Mandrake the Magican. Evan Shaner is the artist.   I didn’t know that Parker had stopped working at Marvel.

There will be a new Suicide Squad series in July.  John Ostrander has not been brought back. Maybe he should be brought back. I don’t think anyone has done has done as well with those characters as he has.

Brett Booth is the new artist on the Flash series. His art looks great.





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