Movie Thoughts 4-26-2014

Ray Fisher will be Victor Stone/Cyborg in Man of Steel 2.  Fisher is a broadway actor and he played Muhammad Ali. He is not well-known but maybe that is a good thing. The movie looks to be a bit crowded and I am starting to worry about it.  Maybe I should say I am starting to worry more about it. It looks like DC is trying to catch up to Marvel in movies really quickly.

I am not sure if I want to see Brick Mansions. It is the last movie that Paul Walker finished and the previews looked good. (Speaking of Paul Walker, his brothers will help complete his scenes in Fast and Furious VII.)  Maybe it will be okay. I am not expecting too much. It is not like anything better is coming out this weekend.

I am not interested in Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz’s movie the Other Woman.  Reviews have been pretty bad but Entertainment Weekly liked it. “”Can we stop trying to make Leslie Mann happen? She was cute once, but as soon as the allure of her 20s wore off on her, we’re left with a shrill she-demon whose only go-to positions of acting is glass-shattering obnoxiousness or bitter hatred for everyone else in her life.”  That is from a review on  Wow, I thought I didn’t get or appreciate Leslie Mann.

Amazing Spider-man 2 opens next weekend.  It is the first big movie of the summer. I hope it is good. I hope there will be new previews.


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