The Divide By Matt Taibbi

The Divide is the latest book by Matt Taibbi.  Taibbi is a long time writer for Rolling Stone and this is his fourth or fifth book. It is about the criminal justice system. It is also about the influence of wealth. Those two things are connected.

Basically the premise of the book is that there are 2 different justice systems in America. There is one for the rich and powerful and another for the poor.  The one for the poor is more harsh and strict. People who helped to nearly destroy the economy seem to walk away sometimes without even a fire while people involved in petty theft (for example) get jail time.

Tabbi argues in the book that this is not good.  The system creates resentment and that it is getting worse. Taibbi argues that this resentment is not one-way. He argues that Americans have come to despise the poor. I am not sure if I agree but it is something to think about.

This is a lot less humorous than Taibbi’s Griftopia.  The book is still good though.


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