Movie thoughts 4-13-2014

Draft Day was decent. It had some nice moments but it is not the NFL answer to Moneyball. Or if it is, it is not the equal of Moneyball. Kevin Costner is good in the lead role and it is nice to see Frank Langella in a supporting role.

Previews/trailers continue to be odd. I don’t go to horror movies but I still get all the horror movie previews. Why is there a horror movie preview before Draft Day? There were previews for two sports themed movies, that made sense.

Next week is not a good week for new movies. I think the best movie opening wide in the next two weeks is the Disneynature movie Bears.

Kate Upton the Sports Illustrated model will try to act again. It should be fun to see the reviews.  Some critics can be harsh to models or singers branching out into acting. Her first role was a small part in the Three Stooges movie.


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