Stephen Colbert is replacing Letterman

Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman on CBS. That seems like an interesting choice. Is it the right choice? I am not sure. I guess time will tell.

On one hand, his talent is apparent.  Everyone seems to have good things to say about him. Jon Stewart said good things. On the other hand, he is older than Meyers and Fallon. Is that a wise choice? Maybe a younger host would have a better choice. (Jimmy  Kimmel  is younger than Colbert, I think but NBC  went young and their ratings have been pretty good.)

He won’t host the show in character.  Will people really like Colbert when he is not that character? That is the big question.  He is really funny as that character, a right wing blowhard.

Does anyone replace Colbert at Comedy Central?  Does anyone? A companion show to the Daily Show could be a hit as Colbert’s show was.

It was a little surprising how quickly CBS locked up Colbert. Letterman just announced his retirement last week.  What was the rush to make a choice? Did the powers that be just love Colbert that much? Or did no other talent excite CBS?

The network did not want to promote Craig Ferguson. That is interesting. Isn’t that saying in a way that they’re disappointed in him?  Ferguson is reported to get a 5 million dollar bonus for not geting Letterman’s show/time slot, which might soothe any hurt feelings.



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